Credentials and testimonials

Maya has spent most of her life immersed in studying one kind or another. Holding a master's degree in Ethics and Fine arts, she holds a diploma in kinesiology, business studies, and fashion design. Her other studies include voice dialogue, ancestral healing and bodywork. Over the years, she participated in many women circles, workshops, assisted or held her ceremonies. Her current studies are with the Helpers mentoring society in the USA, where she trains under the Woptura lineage of the Lakota people. She is trained to hold some traditional indigenous ceremonies and her deep interest in traditional knowledge allows her to create her unique style of work.
She lives in Northern Rivers, NSW, Australia.

I really loved Maya’s workshop,I would highly recommend it to anyone who is wanting to deepen into magic, rituals, ceremonies, connection to themselves, nature and the spirit realms. She gives you all the information, tools and inspiration you need to confidently weave it into your daily life, sending out vast ripples into your personal world.

I really appreciated the clear, safe container Maya holds and her ability to communicate very clearly and from a deep place of knowing and deeply embodying all that she is sharing ,it makes it really accessible and easy to understand and feel.

Jo Maley

 I find everything you do to be exceptionally professional with the highest integrity. I found the day to be perfect for me and what I was seeking: integrating formal knowledge and ritual into useable comfortable light work with sacred quality and outcome.  Thank you for guiding me to be the sacred fire keeper as I have had questions regarding some of the rules which you explained and I now have a better understanding through doing and being fire keeper. Thank you Maya for offering your knowledge and understanding and holding space for sharing and learning these important powerful practices, please hold more


Uzume Welling

Maya, you brought me so much more than I was expecting. I knew I wanted to study ritual and ceremony with you for a while, so when this day came up as an opportunity, I moved everything to be able to be there. I was expecting to get something to add to my day, to expand myself, but I did not expect to also reconnect to my ancestors, to learn how to respect my environment in a whole new way, to find gratitude in the smallest of acts. You taught us with so much grace and eloquence, so clearly and easily. I left feeling connected to everything. And that has not left me. I have found ways to incorporate rituals into what I was already doing, to learn to revere things I haven't revered before, and, most importantly, I feel connected and never alone. Thank you, really.

Maite Kervella

Other workshops

I offer a variety of online and in person workshops. 


Dark moon circle


A free talk plus discussion on the power of menstrual blood. 

Each dark moon

6.00-7.00 pm Facebook live


Separation rituals explained

As a divorce celebrant, I recognise the need of closing a relationship. What started so beautifully and with hope can also end respectfully and with grace. 

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Does the fear of success holding you back?

Is this a time to deal with the trauma that is centuries old? We have so many different problems right now. There are the post covid disconnection (I think that's super relevant to those ancient times, actually), another war, and floods. Perhaps the impending economic crisis touches us right now - we don't know how our livelihood will go.

This is why I think it's the perfect time for this retreat. Our natural reaction is to close down even tighter, stand in a fighting mode, and defend ourselves. I'm calling you to do the opposite - stand straight, open more to your community, and trust again. If you feel we need to change this world, we must start with ourselves. We are the leaders in our communities. You are the woman other people look up to. If not you, who will change? It is our responsibility to heal our most wounded past. It will also hugely benefit you because your business will most likely expand. The more space you have in your mind, the more trauma you release from your body; all that creative energy will be channelled elsewhere. Where it will go is up to you? I do know that I don't want to pass that trauma on to my children. This can stop now. Let's stand together. Let's heal together.

A word from us

We need each other right now. Our world, our reality is transforming. It is hard to do our best when our past is weighing us down. Together we are going through initiation process. Again. 

I heard this quote from his holiness Dalai Lama many times from many women:  "The world will be saved by the western woman,"

But this is hard if we are still plunged deeply in our traumas, when we don't trust each other. When women are afraid of each other and instead of cooperation we are competing, it is hard to create the change we all desire. We can change patterns of generations. We have a choice where our future is going. Let's work together. 

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